Holding Back

I am writing this from a toilet seat. Maybe a bit too much information but its true, my return to the blogosphere has been sparked by Apple’s iPad during a moment of necessary relief. As I was helping myself and trying to relax I was overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” I needed to get of my chest.

Now I know rap, I’m sorry, I mean Rome, was not built in a day so I will take it slow and just re-introduce myself slowly into the digital universe. I have recently caught that hiphop fever that makes you wanna go crazy and really what is the use of going crazy and not sharing your mental illnesses with world? Some of you reading this will already know that I caught the hiphop disease a long while back and while it has no cure I had somehow managed to control it until it broke out on me again. I guess back then as I was younger I was pretty eager to make it but now being more mature I understand what hiphop means to me and my position in the ecosystem and as a result, how it all impacts to the world.

For all the returning hiphop heads who were disappointed by my abrupt exit from the “game”, all I can do is apologise and offer my hand as a solemn invite to accompany me on an even more interesting journey. To the new recruits of the sugaspott brigade, boy, what did you get yourself into? Don’t you know, or maybe you figured out, I am quite insane, to put it gently! You will be constantly bombarded by hard hitting lyrical content that knows no boundaries from a man whose childhood was spent in a beautifully destroyed corner of the planet (Zimbabwe, yes that is where I am from and in the words of the great 66 Jewish books, ‘Jesus wept’) only to wake up one day in Gotham City (or London as they call it) trying to figure out the best way to get Bruce Wayne’s attention.

2013 has been quite the year and a lot has happened but I guess nothing prepares you for a doctor telling you that you have cancer…all credit to the doc because they landed it on me quite softly, which impressed me at the very least because now I know that it is possible to deliver bad news to a person without the the grim reapers edging orchestra sound tracking it along. This felt more like bay watch without the beaches or Miss Pam. Actually being diagnosed with cancer gave me 6 months to ponder life’s biggest questions. I became even more invigorated with that fire to burn and churn records out in a 2pac’esque manner.

Not long ago I built a laboratory of sorts that hopefully will be able to convince you and all unbelievers that there is some kind of method in the madness. Fortunately or otherwise, dependant on which side of the fence you are, this laboratory is next to my bed or is in my bedroom. I like to think of it as I put a bed and a few personal belongings in my lab. The good news in any event is that It should allow me to be consistent with the amount of material I put out and frequency for bonus points sake. All of which culminating to an album I want to title “damage limitation part 2″, the second installment in what I hope becomes a series of classic hiphop material.

The first part of which is available to buy on iTunes Amazon Google Play and a plethora of digital retail outlets. Never been one to pass a moment to plug a sale but to be honest if you are actually reading this, i am humbled and i can easily forgive you for not buying my music and keeping a broke artist, well, broke!

I have since finished using the relief chamber and on that note would like, in one go, to welcome you or welcome you back and simultaneously bid you farewell so I can attend to the business of cleaning myself up etc etc. and oh yeah you can listen to the same record i was listening to that i just finished recording before needing to relieve myself aptly titled holding back. See you soon

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